Oct 24

OSWCO and Eldarion to Exhibit At National Banking Show

About two weeks ago we decided that we needed to take advantage of the opportunity to exhibit at the annual BAI (Bank Administration Institute) Retail Delivery show in Boston (11/3/2009-11/5/2009) even if it was slightly premature. So, we will be in booth 864 across from The Sourcemedia (American Banker) booth.

We have a demo of the BOSS Open Source Teller System Here. The Demo can only access "teller" functions and cannot access Administration, The id is teller and the password is 1. Please let us know what you think by leaving comments on the blog! We will add a demo of both the teller function and Administration via a screencast shortly.

There is lots to do and we are well underway! Our Teller System Demo is being fine tuned, and hooked to this web site. Interestingly, we are testing the demo without an Internet connection so we can do demonstrations at any time. Posters are being created, and then produced and shipped. Getting a booth banner is a high priority and almost completed. We also want to do a screencast of the teller system so we can post that here.

All of our demos and collaborative work sites have been built using Open Source Software. Our teller system is the first to be developed using Open Source Software. Open Source is just emerging as a force in the industry due to its rapid development capabilities and agility. OS will allow OSWCO to market our teller product with more capabilities, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. In fact, we are hoping to market through business partners as well as directly. Our partners will be able to implement our teller system to add value to their relationships with their financial institution customers. Other providers (hardware, software, support, image, etc.) will be able to round out their offerings and increase their revenue opportunities. Everyone wins.

James Tauber, CEO, of Eldarion will also exhibit at the booth. He is the originator of the Pinax project, a rapidly growing open source system based on Django Click links for explanations. He is widely known as a thought leader in the Open Source Software movement. Eldarion, provides commercial support for open source projects. He has recruited some of the best software developers in the world to support him. The relationship between OSWCO and Eldarion insures that no matter how big or complex the project we can produce.

The partnership of Eldarion and OSWCO will change how software and software solutions are developed and brought to market. We are excited about the show and the future.

For further information email us at tom @oswco.com or give us a call at 205-585-0310

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