Jan 27

Bad Reasons to Stay With Exchange Mail

Dave Girouard, the former head of Google's' Apps business, says it very well in this piece on the GIGAOM site, which I strongly recommend reading.

Insane excuses for not moving to the cloud.

  • Insanity #1: These big outages mean we should keep things in house
  • Insanity #2: I need somebody to talk to when a service interruption occurs
  • Insanity #3; Cloud is OK for non-critical applications with non-sensitive data

See the full article Here.

And this followup post about legal risk makes good points as well Here.

And even more from Google on how they handle legal request/warrants Here.

I would also add that I see many people just staying put because the default decision to do nothing seems so appealing. After all who wants to leave Outlook for something new that they have to learn, just remember back on how difficult it was to learn Outlook in the first place. Not to mention the confusion and trauma that a new release presents to the end users.

The Google product has been hugely successful due to its ease of use and continuous non traumatic update cycle, and cost savings are simply a bonus. In addition the Google products are built from the ground up to be completely Mobile friendly. It is amazing how many individuals choose to use Gmail for personal use and feel they step back in time every-time they have to use company provided exchange mail.

In short not moving is simply falling further behind and spending more than is needed for the comfort of not learning a bit of new technology.


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