OSWCO, LLC is a Google apps Authorized Reseller You can reach us at 205-267-1089 or via email Tom (at) oswco.com. We would love to help you determine if Google Apps represents a viable solution for your business.

OSWCO is run by Tom Brander, a.k.a. @Dartdog on Twitter, who also provides Real Estate Reporting services to banks, realty companies and developers. He is on the Leadership Board of the Alabama Center for Real Estate at the University of Alabama where he also provides consulting services.

He has created we sites based on Google services for http://raypoynor.com, http://greenridgecapitaladvisors.com, http://shastabrander.com.

He has created the following blogs, primarily on Wordpress.com,: http://tbrander.wordpress.com (real estate), http://tombrander.wordpress.com (technical and personal), and http://oswco.com (open source software company, a new venture).

He has helped others develop their own Blogs, for instance, http://teewinot7.wordpress.com/ (a specialty site for Australian Shepard dogs) and http://uakd.wordpress.com/ (a college sorority site) And http://bigcityblink.com/ (a personal site).

With the exception of this oswco.com site all of the above sites are hosted on totally free services.

Tom spent 8 years with the Honeywell computer division in sales and tech support on the Metropolitan Life and Bell Labs accounts. He was with Citibank for 10 years, and for another 10 years, he headed up the Information Systems and Communications groups for Compass Bank (now BBVA). He has also served as the Chief Financial Officer for several Birmingham based healthcare related companies.

Oswco supports open source, and cloud based computing, including particularly Google Apps, in the corporate community and the financial industry in particular, OSWCO, The Open SoftWare Company.


OSWCO is dedicated to introducing and supporting Open Source Software to the Enterprise. The Open Source movement and products have become highly sophisticated, cost effective, and mature. Many leading companies and organizations are making rapidly increasing investments in it's use.

To see our Information about Google Apps click Google Apps Info

OSWCO is an authorized Google Apps reseller. Some organizations need help and a place to turn to for, consulting, product development or commercial support. We have developed an extensive network of reliable experts to assist you, able to take on the largest turnkey projects. Contact us to help you examine the options. Phone: 205-267-1089. More info:

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