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Nov 20

Missed Us At The Show?

Nov 11

BOSS at the National Retail Delivery Show

We presented the new BOSS (Bank Open Source System) teller system at the Retail Delivery show. The following explains the thought process behind the system and the embedded slide show provides additional background. The Banking industry is undergoing revolutionary change. Not surprisingly, the teller channel is at the heart of that change.

Oct 24

OSWCO and Eldarion to Exhibit At National Banking Show


OSWCO is dedicated to introducing and supporting Open Source Software to the Enterprise. The Open Source movement and products have become highly sophisticated, cost effective, and mature. Many leading companies and organizations are making rapidly increasing investments in it's use.

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OSWCO is an authorized Google Apps reseller. Some organizations need help and a place to turn to for, consulting, product development or commercial support. We have developed an extensive network of reliable experts to assist you, able to take on the largest turnkey projects. Contact us to help you examine the options. Phone: 205-267-1089. More info:

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