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May 20

CMS Frameworks What To Use? Django vs. Drupal

Nov 20

Missed Us At The Show?

Nov 17

Intro to Django/Pinax-Overview

As I look around I don't see a lot of great basic introduction to the world of Django and Pinax.

Oct 16

New Blog Engine Thanks and Notes

I wanted to express my thanks to Kevin Fricovsky, who created this great blog engine. I have left his demo material in so that you can get a better sense of what the blog can do, and besides I think he put some neat stuff in here.

Sep 03

User Based Debug your Django App

Ever wanted to view the verbose Django error page when you're live app is executing with DEBUG=False?

Sep 03

Charles Mingus -Moanin

A classic song from the "The Angry Man of Jazz", Charles Mingus.

Aug 23

Welcome to Mingus

Hello world.


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